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Amcap Directshow Video Capture Sample Version 8.12 Free Download

Amcap Directshow Video Capture Sample Version 8.12 Free Download

Amcap is a small but full-featured video capture application that is compatible with DirectShow, the multimedia framework from Microsoft. It is based on the AmCap sample source code from the Microsoft DirectX 9 SDK. Amcap can perform various tasks related to audio and video capture, such as:

  • Capture to a file

  • Live preview

  • Allocation of the capture file

  • Display of device property pages

  • Device enumeration

  • Stream control

Amcap also supports MPEG-2 program stream input, for example from analog TV tuners that stream MPEG-2 content. A DirectShow-compatible MPEG-2 decoder is required to decode the streams.

Download File:

To download Amcap Directshow Video Capture Sample Version 8.12, you can visit the Visual Studio Marketplace, where you can find a link to the source code of SP.js, which can be considered as a source when extending the features. SP.js is a JavaScript file that contains some versions of the executables, the Windows and Lunascape executables, and all their patches. It also contains some functions for image capture, video recording, editing, sound removal, and launching other applications to add multimedia effects.

To use Amcap, you need to have the following libraries installed on your system:

  • DirectX 9 SDK

  • DirectShow-compatible MPEG-2 decoder

To open Amcap, you need to go to the menu Project -> Traditional Project and choose which program you want to use. On the right side of the menu, you will see the name of the folder where the source files are stored. The folder contains the main.js file, which is the main entry point for SP.js. If you do not need SP.js, you can open Amcap directly through the menu File -> New -> Amcap.

To view and edit any video created by Amcap, you can use any of the following programs:

  • Unity3D, a program designed for video editing. It can be used to record videos, create animations, etc.

  • Dreamweaver, an excellent animation and video maker that was created as an alternative to Netflix and Hulu.

  • MotoDVD, a very handy program for playing movies, burning discs and burning video and audio, and many other useful software for editing.

The final versions of the videos may vary greatly depending on the parameters you set for them. Therefore, you will need to understand this process: find the video file, add frames and edit them. Everything should then be translated into video.

Amcap is a simple but powerful tool that can help you capture and edit videos with ease. It is based on the official sample code from Microsoft, but it also offers some additional features and extensions through SP.js. You can download Amcap Directshow Video Capture Sample Version 8.12 for free from the Visual Studio Marketplace and enjoy creating your own videos.


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